MA wine vs. TX wine


I found an article from Wall Street Journal in which the authors, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, authros of “Tastings” a weekly wine column, have a taste off between wines from Massachusetts to represent Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kerry and wines from Texas to represent Republican presidential candidate, President Bush.

The article ends:

So, the bottom line: It’s a clear victory for Massachusetts. You read it here first. What do the Campaigns think of this? The Bush camp refused repeated requests for comment. Said the Kerry camp: “We’re pleased that Massachusetts is now known for its fine wines. After four long years, the American people are deciding that George Bush is one wine that does not get better with age. Come November 3rd, we’ll stomp Bush like a Texas grape.”

Here’s the important point: Don’t wait for someone from your state to be a presidential candidate to try local wines. The passionate winemakers in every state need, and deserve, your vote of confidence.

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