Jammin’ on the Lawn–Saturday, May 2nd 4-7 pm

First Saturday of the Month

Harebilly will be playing out on the lawn from 4-7 pm, Saturday, May 2 at Salado Wine Seller.

Bring your lawn chair!




Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the property of Salado Wine Seller.  To ensure the safety of all guests attending events at Salado Wine Seller, attendees may be subject to a search for prohibited items including, but not limited to, items which could be used as a weapon, unlawful substances, foodstuffs, bottles or cans. Please note that guests with prohibited articles will be turned away at the entrances and no refund for ticket will be given.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from, and served by, Salado Wine Seller employees.  Salado Wine Seller reserves the right to prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time.