Harvest 2012

Saturday & Sunday, July 14 &15, 7-11 am, chardonnay

Saturday, July 28, 7-11 am, merlot

Friday, August 3, 7-11 am, sangiovese piccolo

Saturday, August 4, 7-11 am, cabernet sauvignon

Sunday, August 5, 7-11 am, sangiovese

You are officially invited to join us for Harvest 2012!  We expect that we’ll be there from 7-11 each of those days and you’re welcome to come for as little or as long as you like.  Come for the fun and camaraderie!  Kids welcome.

If you have favorite prunners, bring them, otherwise we have extras for you.

Please bring your favorite hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and sturdy shoes. (I like to wear old sneakers and socks so that the pigweed doesn’t get me).  Some folks like to wear light cotton gloves, but they aren’t necessary.  Beware of the wasps, fireants, mosquitos, and be prepared for the heat.  Watch out for the mean old mockingbirds who think they own the vineyard!  I haven’t seen any snakes this year, but there’s always a first.

Also, those dates and the days following harvest are the best times to visit the winery and see the wine making in action.  We can always put extra hands to work, so if you don’t like to get up early in the morning, come by in the afternoon and be part of the bucket brigade.

The vineyard is at 21724 Hill Road, Salado.  Feel free to call us for last minute updates.  Thanks for your continued interest in Salado Winery Company!