Bottling is goin’ on right here!

bottling2We’ve been bottling lately!  Now the bottles need to rest a bit.  I don’t know why bottle-shock happens, but it does.  When wines are first bottled, the taste disappears.  A few weeks later, the taste returns and then it is ready to sell.  I’ve never seen bottle-shock as dramatic as it was portrayed in the movie “Bottle Shock“, but I can tell a difference when it first goes in the bottle. Stay tuned for the new releases!

We bottle about 90 bottles an hour, so about 1.5 per minute, not including breaks.  (I mean coffee breaks, we try not to break the bottles!)  That does not include labeling, just putting the wine in the bottle and shoving the cork in.  For me it is a huge sigh of relief when the wine is in the bottle.  Now all we have to do is sell it!