Gaze, Nosh and Peruse–July 2nd, 6-9 pm

hop on by for a great summer evening!

hop on by for a great summer evening!

Art Opening Reception for John Davis, a visit from the gnomadic fashion truck, and an extra special wine tasting paired with some great food from Classic Events. A great summer evening filled with art, fashion, wine, food and of course, fun!

John Davis is a resident of Salado and friends with the owners of Salado Winery.  He was chosen to be featured in the winery gallery because his art reflects the eclecticism of the new businesses and artists that are redefining Salado.  John Davis says,

English is my second language after Art. I can express wordless ideas and places by creating them on a two dimensional surface. The illusion of the multi-dimensional world created on a flat plane is fascinating. Depth with all its mystery sparks my enthusiasm for creating space and filling it with artful shapes.

Artists like Max Earnst , Claes Oldenburg and Dr Suess are inspirational to me as are Silver Age Comic greats like James F. “Jim” Steranko, Jack Kirby and John Buscema . Influenced by Richard Scary, Mad Magazine and Science Fiction my art has evolved into what I like to call visual stream of consciousness.  In creating a piece, I want to fill the canvas with imagery and action to draw viewers in for close inspection that requires more than one visit. Using pencil, pen, brushes, spray paint and collage I encourage viewers to explore and discover personal messages via nostalgic icons of film, Americana or pop culture iconography”.

In addition to meeting the artist, a special food and wine pairing will be offered. The food will be prepared by Classic Catering.  The chef and his staff have carefully crafted a menu to pair with select Salado Winery wines. Tickets are available for $24.95 at