The Elves at Salado Winery

Bottling Big Bully 2014Everyone knows that the elves work all year round to get the toys ready for Christmas.  Well, we have been working hard here too to get lots of wine bottled.  Back in July 2015, I gave you an update of the vintage 2014 wines.  Now many of them are bottled and ready for you to enjoy!

In October, we bottled over 300 gallons.  That include 2014 Night Flight, 2014 Big Bully and 2014 3 Texan Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 3 Texan Malbec and 2014 3 Texan Tempranillo. In November, we bottled another 200 gallons of 2014 Big Bully.

And now all that great wine is ready to gift to your favorite wine drinker