//////COVID_19 update///////

As of June 29, 2020:

Masks are required at businesses in Bell County.

As of June 26, 2020:

TX governor suspends on-premise sales.

As of June 3, 2020

  1. Wine tastings are now conducted seated in the party room.  That means that the party room is only available for rent outside of our business hours.  In other words, rentals will be before noon or after 6 pm, unless your party is outdoors.
  2. We are limited to 50% capacity, therefore your group must be smaller than 50 people unless it is outdoors.
  3. Alternate event rentals in the area include Salado Museum, Stagecoach Inn,  the Yellow House and The Beltonian Theater.

//////end of update!/////////

Salado Winery Company is a great place to host an event!  The party room is available for groups of 4-100 people for tastings, meetings, mixers, showers, luncheons, reunions, wine education classes, retreats, or parties.

There are two large tables in the party room and I can provide two additional 8′ folding tables with white tablecloths and or up to 3 round 48″ tables (seat 6 each).  Most folks just decorate the tables.  Let me know if you want to do something else for decorations. Naturally, I’m picky about my walls and what tape is used, but I’ve seen folks do some pretty cool things.

We can seat up to about 42 people in one room without tables, for example a room full of ladies watching baby shower gift opening.  That’s pretty tight if everyone isn’t related, so better for about 20-30 people if it is a seated meal.  If you have more than that, we can accommodate up to 100 cocktail style (that means most folks standing) easily.


Contact us through rental form if you would like to request a Saturday quote.  On Sundays and weekdays the space is available for $150 for 4 hours, $30/hour each additional hour. On top of that there is a minimum purchase of $150. In the event the group does not meet the minimum purchase, the remainder will be charged as room rental.  This rental fee may be waived for non-profit organizations, such as Family Readiness Groups, military units, charities, and so on. 



Yes, you can bring your own food…that’s what most folks do.  Another possibility, you can use one of the following caterers. Also, we are happy to set up your food for an additional 10% surcharge. If you want to bring in an outside caterer, we must approve.

Lively Coffee HouseGreen Love • Silvia’s Tacos, 254.541-9287 • Johnny’s Steaks & BBQ • Marta Antonia Riveramrivera@tasteandseepastryshoppe.comInn on the Creek • McCain’s Bakery


Option #1. Wine Tasting = Five tastes for $5.  Must be billed to the host.

Option #2.  We can offer a cash bar and each person pays for him or herself.

Option #3.  Host pays–there are a few different ways we can make this happen.  We could use a ticket system where each glass is $6 and you pick how many glasses will be paid for. Say, for example, you wanted to buy each person a glass of wine. Then your guests would pay for any additional wine themselves after that. Another possibility is that we can run a tab to be settled at the end.  With some folks, we have picked out and they paid for the wine upfront so the amount and cost was limited.  We are flexible, so let us know what you think works best for you!

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL may be brought in.  So, NO, you cannot bring that beer…NO, don’t bring wine to the winery.  Guests who bring in outside alcohol will be asked to leave.


$25 deposit holds your date & time.  We can take cash, online payment, check, or maybe even gold.  Just remember, the room is not reserved for you until we have the deposit.  The deposit will be applied to your food & beverage minimum if you finish on time, clean up reasonably well, don’t steal or wreck anything and all the wine gets paid for. If you cancel less than 7 days out, if you spill candle wax on the floor, walls, or tables, or if you do anything else that might cause a reasonable person to keep the deposit, well then, I will probably keep it.  So far I’ve only kept 2 deposits in 8 years and that was for “no-shows”.

Still have questions?  Call us at (254) 947-8011, stop by for a tour during our open hours, or submit the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.