Warm-up with a hot glass of Kriskindel Wine

drink it warm!


This month we will be serving warm Kriskindel wine.  Like gluwein (glow wine) from Germany, this is a wine that is meant to be served warm.  We suggest serving it in a crock-pot set on low at your next holiday open house.  Or if you are enjoying it by yourself, pour some into your favorite holiday mug, microwave it for one minute, then sip carefully. 

This wine is already spiced, or mulled, so it will fill your house full of clove and cinnamin smells.  Remember not to boil this wine, or it will evaporate quickly!

Enjoy this Texas wine holiday treat at Salado Wine Seller, or take home a bottle with you to share with family and friends.  Made by Oberhof Wine Cellars, Fredericksburg, Texas.