2012 Salado Winery Harvest Statistics

time to ferment

Our BIGGEST year yet!

We’ve processed quite a few grapes this summer, in fact, we made wine from 9 tons of grapes, all from central Texas.

Our vineyard here in Salado grew one ton of Sangiovese, a half ton each of cabernet sauvignon and merlot and more than a half ton of chardonnay.  That means we have over 160 gallons of Rootin Tootin for next year!  As well as 85 gallons of chardonnay and 150 gallons Wild Hare (cab + merlot).

From our friends in Belton, we harvested 4 tons of Blanc Dubois and Black Spanish!  These grapes were new to us and presented us with many winemaking challenges do to the thick skins and tough nature of the grape.

The Black Rock Vineyard co-op brought in a ton of white and red grapes, mixed varieties and we hope to make some sparkling white from some of the white grapes.

From Belle Crest Vineyard had almost a ton of tempranillo, malbec and cabernet  sauvignon.  They had so much fun at harvest, they even stomped on their grapes!  (see story)

So there you have it, in total we made about 1400 gallons of wine for the 2012 vintage.  And don’t forget, one exceptionally cute baby (I’m obviously un-biased).