Bottling Big Bully 2015

only 1000 more bottles to go!

We bottled the 2015 Big Bully the other day!  1367 bottles of wine in about 9 hours (including a stop for lunch!).  Not exactly a record breaker, but we were happy to finish in one day.  We bottle from the 300 gallon tank which is directly behind my head in this picture.

We used a new set up, based on the enolmatic, but this time with two filler spouts, a new vacuum pump and using a 5 gallon carboy for the overflow tank.  We love our enolmatic, but it is wearing out after several years of good use.  In this picture I am standing next to the manual corker.  Yes, we corked every single bottle by hand!

This wine needs to age, in the bottle for a couple months.  We expect to release it fall 2017.  The grapes are from 3 Texans Vineyard.  The wine is 73% malbec and 27% tempranillo.

To show you how we do it, I made a video: