STOP by Salado, TX and check out all the new energy!

Have you been by Salado lately, if not, then you definitely need to come by and check out the NEW IMPROVED version we’re sporting!

First off, the construction is finished!  Yay!!  Now it is super easy to get to our winery.  On top of that, the new highway looks great.  You know how nice new construction always looks?  This project has really come together.  One of the biggest highlights is that there is a stagecoach mural and it is right near the winery.

stagecoach mural on I-35


Speaking of “stagecoach” the biggest news in town is that the Stagecoach Inn Restaurant is open!  The food is fabulous, the decor is beautiful and the service cannot be beat.  It is a wonderful blend of classics and modern, both on the menu and throughout the building.  I recommend you make a reservation, but even if you aren’t hungry, stop by the bar to have a drink and soak up the ambiance.  Click here for some pictures from our dinner.

Stagecoach Inn Restaurant is OPEN

And if you’re looking for something new and different, check out the cool new e-bikes at LoneStar eBikes.  Howling Wolff moved a few doors down into a gorgeous new location and LoneStar e-bikes moved into Howling Wolff’s old spot.

So lot’s of changes, new businesses and shiny re-builds.  To keep up with the fun things in Salado, we recommend you followKeep Salado Salty. They love to promote all of Salado’s goodness.  And don’t forget our favorites:  Salado Glassworks, Barrow Brewing & Classics on Main.  Have a great summer!

Salado Glassworks