Don’t pick the grapes yet!

hey DinoHey Dino!  Don’t pick the grapes!  It isn’t time yet.  I know you’re almost 11 months old, and you’ve been waiting a long time for harvest because then it will be time for your birthday, but it’s TOO SOON!  Those are cabernet sauvignon grapes and they still have to go through veraison–they have to turn RED first.  I hope you’re not colorblind?  You’re gonna taste them?  TART, aren’t they?  Those grapes won’t make good wine yet.  They still need 6-7 more weeks of ripening Dino.

dino eating green cabernet grapes

Dino, maybe you should get back in your pack and up on my back?  We’ve got to get this vineyard ready for netting.  Soon these grapes will turn red and then the birds will try to get them.  Plus, look at all these weeds.  We’ve got mowing and weeding to get done.  So we need to get back to work!