Test for harvest #2 2013

merlot testing DSC03654 DSC03656We ran the tests again.  Conclusion?  Chardonnay harvest will be July 27-28.  Merlot & Sangiovese?  Hmmm, probably we’ll harvest the Merlot on August 3-4, then the Sangiovese August 10-11 and the Cabernet Sauvignon?  It was so green, we didn’t even test it yet.  We’ll harvest it August 17-18, or maybe a little sooner.

Here are the numbers:

Chardonnay 18.2 degrees Brix,  3.51 pH, 11.25 TA, seeds all light brown to dark brown

Merlot 16.9 degrees Brix, 3.41 pH, 9.75 TA, lots of green seeds

Sangiovese 16 degrees Brix, 3.18 pH, 11.25 TA, lots of green seeds

Cabernet Sauvignon–still only 50% through veraison!

To see the first test, done July 9, 2013, look here