Testing the Grapes to Determine Harvest Date–2013


chardonnay testing in 2009–today’s grapes were much greener

Back on July 25, 2009, I wrote this post about testing the grapes.  On July 9, 2013, we conducted the same tests. And here are my results:

Chardonnay: 14 degrees Brix, 3.4 pH, 20.25 TA, tastes like green apple or apple cider, too many green seeds

Merlot: 14 degrees Brix, 3.05 pH, 14.25 TA  taste like kiwi, lots of green seeds

Sangiovese: 13.2 degrees Brix, 3.01 PH, 18 TA, taste like underripe plum, lots of green seeds

So it is too early to start harvest and now I think I will not be able to start until July 27.