Diamond Back 2012

Diamond BackTime to bottle more wine!   Throughout May 2014, we expect to be bottling every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  We will be bottling the Diamond Back from 2012 & 2013.  This is made from 100% blend of grapes from our vineyard on Hill Road.  Our Salado grown cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sangiovese.  These grapes were picked in 2012, right after Baby Grape was born! In 2013 the grapes were picked late in August and during Labor Day weekend.  In 2013, the grapes were a bit watery, while the 2012 grapes were much more concentrated, so we blended the two vintages together to make a better balanced wine.  We’ve been selling this blend since January 2014, and we’ve got so much, I lowered the price to $19.95/bottle. This wine is featured on our daily tasting menu and is our best-selling dry, red wine.