Art Opening Reception for Stephen King

You’re invited to an art opening reception for Stephen King, abstract artist residing in Central Texas. His bold colorful art was chosen for Salado Winery just in time for summer.

Artist Reception will be Sunday, May 19, 2-5 pm. Details are here.

Mr. King’s art will remain on display through August 2019.

Art Reception for Patty Thomas

“After all the negative that has become so much a part of our world, I hope you will look at my paintings, and let them remind you of good times and special places of the heart. Perhaps you will recall driving along a dirt road headed for your grandparents home or maybe just a family camp out by the river. Or you may simply remember sitting on the porch, watching a sunset, or even a rainstorm approaching as evening begins. Hopefully, at the end of a long day, a look at your painting reminds you once more of God’s creation and the sheer wonder of it all. And you are made glad”.–Patty Thomas

Art opening reception will be Saturday, April 6, 2-6 pm

Ms. Thomas’s work will be on display until 5/5/2019. Contact Ms. Thomas at

Macarons + Salado Winery = sweet spring fun!

Friday, April 27th from 7pm-8pm

Image may contain: food

Y’all are invited to join in on this yummy goodness!

Macarons by Maison de Macarons paired with wines made by Salado Winery.

First, show up and check in by 7 pm

Second, sit back and enjoy the presentation by the macaron baker and the wine maker, both local gals who live in Central Texas and share a passion for all things French.

Third, nibble and sip your way through the pairings

Ahhh! those little pretty desserts. Did you know they are naturally gluten free? What a coincidence, so is wine! As if anyone ever needed an excuse to enjoy their Friday evening? Come on now, stop thinking about it. If you wait too long, someone else might buy your ticket….see you soon! A bientot!

Tickets- Eventbrite

following the wine and macaron tasting, stay and enjoy a glass of wine with your friends, or explore Salado RAW or Salado’s 4th Friday


Salado Swirl 2016

join the fun!

join the fun!

Friday, July  8th from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. the Salado Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Bureau will host its annual Salado Swirl. Experience and enjoy the wine offerings as you see, sniff, swirl, sniff, sip and savor! Stops will have wine and food offerings that are pleasing to all culinary palettes. Trolley transportation is available between stops.

Tickets are $29.95 per person and you must be 21 or over to participate. Passports are provided and must be presented at Swirl locations. Tickets are limited and must be purchased online.

Looking for a place to stay afterwards?  Salado lodging, great eats, and more are listed at

Friday, July 08, 2016
Phone: (254) 947-5040

Harvest will (probably) continue Saturday, August 22, 2015

notice the sprinkling of green grapes

notice the sprinkling of green grapes

The most important wine making decision is “when to harvest?”

At this point we have harvested 75% of the vineyard.  All that remains is the cabernet sauvingnon.  I went out and took a random sample yesterday, and what did I get?  Well, by the #’s, it looks fantastic!  Brix 24 degrees and pH 3.76, woohoo!

But, the truth is that about 15% of the grapes are still green, and that is no good for the quality wine we make at Salado Winery.  The photo with this post was taken on August 12, 2015.  The weather is not going to change much in the next 10 days, so?

So when will it be ready?  Well I am hoping for Saturday the 22nd.  I am trying to keep an eye on the pH, which will rise quickly, because I don’t want it to go sky-high.

I had this problem in 2013, and I compensated for a little under ripeness by blending with the 2012.  Another common technique is to use delestage to remove green seeds before they add any stringency.

Check back for an update next week!

Art Opening with John P. Davis Art

art opening reception 6-9

art opening reception 6-9

Art Opening Reception with John Davis.
Chat with the artist and view his work!
Gourmet food and wine tastings, including barrel tastings of our newest releases.
Special appearance by gnomadic fashion truck!

Invite your friends! FB event at

Salado Swirl – July 11th

Salado Swirl 2015

Buy your tickets now for the 2015 Salado Swirl! This is an 11-stop wine trail throughout Salado with wine and snacks at each stop. Shops will be open late for this fun evening also!

Only 250 tickets are available, so purchase yours while you here:


Participating Texas wineries and Salado shops include:
Salado Creek Winery will be hosted at Salado Glassworks
Salado Wine Seller will be hosted at their location;
Fairhaven Vineyards will be hosted by 21main
Messina Hof Grapevine Winery will be hosted by Prellop Fine Art Gallery
The Vineyard at Florence will be hosted by Magnolias of Salado
Flat Creek Estate Winery and Vineyard will be hosted by Thomas Kincade Gallery;
Nolan Creek Winery will be hosted by The Howling Wolff
Grape Creek Vineyards will be hosted by Classics On Main
Texas Legato will be hosted by OoLaLa – Unique Gifts & Treasures
Periossos Vineyard will be hosted by Angelic Herbs
We will soon announce the winery hosted by Salado Mercantile with more to come!

21 and up only and we will ID at the door.

Chocolate & Wine Weekend 2015

Picture by Aimee of the desserts during Evening of Chocolate and Wine 2015

Picture by Aimee of the desserts during Evening of Chocolate and Wine 2015

Save the date!  The 2015 Weekend of Chocolate & Wine will be September 18, 19, & 20.  Details will be posted soon.

Salado Winery Company will be hosting an Evening of Chocolate and Wine on Friday, September 18th to kick off Salado’s Annual Chocolate and Wine Weekend. From 7:00 – 9:00 pm that evening, guests will enjoy a guided wine pairing with decadent chocolate desserts matched perfectly with each sip of locally produced wine. This is a perfect evening for a date night or a fun girls night out. This relaxing and fun event includes a winery tour and a chance to taste some of our brand new 2015 wines straight from the barrel!

Reservations must be made in advance, as this event typically sells out. Seating is limited to 50 people. Purchase tickets for $44.95 each online at

June Ritterbusch
Salado Wine Seller & Salado Winery Company
(254) 947-8011

Time to Press the “3 Texan” Cabernet Sauvignon

ready to press?

ready to press? (Click on picture to view closer)

The hardest decision for me as a winemaker is trying to decide when to press the red wine.  On one hand, an extended time with the skins could mean more maceration, or in other words, better tannin extraction, richer color and improved flavor, but the risk of spoilage and too much of a good thing weigh heavily on my mind.  I generally press the red wine when all, or nearly all (as seen in the hydrometer picture) of the sugar has been consumed. has a good entry explaining what I am talking about…

“The timing of pressing and the methods used will have an impact on other decisions in the winemaking process. In white wine making, pressing usually happens immediately after harvest and crushing. Here, the biggest decision will be how much pressure to apply and how much pressed juice the winemakers wants in addition to the free-run juice. Some grape varieties, such as Sémillon and Aurore have very “liquidy” pulps that releases juice easily without needing much pressure that could risk tearing the skins. Other varieties, such as Catawba, have much tougher pulps that will require more pressing.[7]

In red wine production the timing of when to press is one of the most important decisions in the wine making process since that will be the moment that maceration and phenolic extraction ceases. Some winemakers use the decreasing sugar level (such as brix measurement) scale and press once the wine has reached complete dryness. Often winemakers will use taste to determine if the wine has extracted enough tannins to produce a balanced wine and may press before complete dryness (such as at 3-8 brix). Though removing the skins by pressing often removes some solids that the wine yeast need to complete fermentation and the benefits of pressing early is often balanced by the risk of potential stuck fermentation.[4]

The quality of the vintage year and the overall ripeness of the harvested grapes may also play a role since in cool years when the grapes are often harvested under-ripe, the tannins in the grape are often very “green” and harsh. In these years winemakers might press early (such as at 15 brix), a process that the Australians call “short vatting”. In warmer years, the tannins may be full ripe or “sweet” and the winemaker may decide to do a period of extended maceration and not press the grapes for as long as a month after fermentation has completed.[4]”

This was found at at


Sip ‘n Knit

Knit with friends and enjoy a glass of wine!

Knit with friends and enjoy a glass of wine!

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 5-7 pm

Join Linda Woznica, from Salado Yarn Co. , for our “Sip ‘n Knit”. Bring your favorite knitting project for a casual gathering of knitters (and crocheters) where everyone brings whatever they are working on and we sit around together and talk, share, help one another, and one other thing – We drink wine! $5/glass of wine will be available.

All levels of knitters are welcome but please keep in mind there are no lessons. Linda will have supplies so you can knit a wine bottle scarf. What? You heard us right, you can make a scarf to keep your favorite bottle cozy. So don’t be shy, come on by!