13 month old winemaker in Salado

youngest winemaker ever

youngest winemaker ever tries to work the pump

We recently caught up with Dino, winemaker extra-ordinaire, busy at work during winemaking season at Salado Winery.  Transcript:

Reporter:  We understand this is your second winemaking season.  Do you find yourself more involved as the seasons pass?

Dino: uh, duh

Reporter:  we understand that in addition to winemaking you find yourself helping mom with her computer?

Dino: (smiles like he knows there is far more to running a business)

Reporter:  and you often serve as vineyard manager?

Dino: (he gets excited and makes motorboat noises)

Reporter:  I understand sometimes grapegrowing is hard?

Dino: (motorboat noises continue, then he points to the barrels)

Reporter:  Well there we have it folks, an expert grape picker, world traveler and winemaker speaking to us from Salado Winery Company


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