NEW Tasting Menu

NEW tasting card--includes more wines

NEW tasting card–includes more wines

We have been using the same tasting menu for 9.5 years, and we finally decided it is time for something new!  We have expanded our offering and adjusted the pricing a bit.  We now offer 5 tastes for $5, or if you prefer, $1/taste.

We debuted this menu card on July 2nd.  We are still working out a few kinks in how we present our oral delivery, and a couple typos by yours truly, but isn’t it beautiful?  It was designed by Herculiz.


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    • June
      June says:

      LaVerne, the tasting menu in the picture is from 2015. Tomorrow’s menu is similar, but not exactly the same. No change in price or # of wines, just a few changes in the select wines available.

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