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Cancelled: Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest 2020

We are sorry to announce that we are cancelling the 2020 Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest on March 28 -29, 2020.  We are grateful for your many years of support and have sincerely given this difficult decision considerable thought.  Our forecast is that many folks in Texas will decide to forgo large public gatherings in the next few weeks.   Our goal every year is to produce a quality event for both attendees and vendors.  Given the ever present weather risk coupled with headwinds from progress in improving the village and the known unknowns of contemporary current events, we felt compelled to cancel. 

To our vendors, wineries and partners, we don’t want to ask for your time, effort and money if we feel we cannot deliver on a buying audience.  All vendor fees have been refunded.

Our next big scheduled event will be a grape stomp on October 17.  We hope that you will add that to your calendar.

This event has consistently drawn 3000-5000 people to the Wine Festival and the Village of Salado throughout the weekend in the previous 11 years.  We have poured as many as 29,000 tastings which is equal to about 1200 bottles.  The economic impacts include not only the sales tax on the wine sold, but also the other businesses of Salado including restaurants, unique shops and hotels.

We hope and pray that this moment passes quickly and we promise that when it does we will are going to throw one heck of a great party!  Thank-you for your understanding, folks like you are the reason we stay in business.

Yours Truly,

June Ritterbusch & Sheldon Vickers

Salado Winery Company

841 N. Main Street

PO Box 820

Salado, TX 76571

picture of wine bottle trees and the words "Texas Wine and Rogue Art Fest"

Art Opening Reception– Melton Guthrie Jan. 26th 3pm- 5pm.


Melton Guthrie Artist is a self taught oil painter from Central Texas with a little over three score years on the planet, two thirds of which spent holding a paintbrush, chewing on a pencil or coming up with ideas about how to put either or both to good use. He lives in relative seclusion in the middle of a Texas sized ranch where he conjures up paintings aimed at teasing your intellect, tickling your funny bone or instigating the inevitable light bulb moment.

Art Opening Reception–Jason Deckman Nov. 10 3pm-5pm

picture of Jason Deckman walking on sand with camera on back

**Free Admission Event**

Jason Deckman is a photographer who loves to explore all things Texas – which provides a wide-ranging and eclectic choice of subject matter. He plays with perspective, camera movement, and long exposures to turn everyday landscapes into otherworldly views. He is a combat veteran and a transplanted Texan: He likes to say that the US Army brought him to Texas, but his wife kept him here.

Art Opening Reception for Stephen King

You’re invited to an art opening reception for Stephen King, abstract artist residing in Central Texas. His bold colorful art was chosen for Salado Winery just in time for summer.

Artist Reception will be Sunday, May 19, 2-5 pm. Details are here.

Mr. King’s art will remain on display through August 2019.

Easter Ostrich Egg Decorating 2019

Please join us for the ultimate Easter keepsake and Salado wine tradition!

Buy your tickets today to decorate ostrich eggs at the Salado Winery for Easter. These ostrich eggs are keepsakes and people tend to come up with some fun conversations over wine. It’s pretty awesome.

When you join us, you’ll receive a cleaned ostrich egg. The large eggs must be prepared ahead of time by scrubbing them with vinegar and a toothbrush. June is a real diva about the whole thing, which is why we have to charge you so much. Ticket also includes decorations, paint, egg dye, and naturally, a glass of wine included from Salado Winery Company & Salado Wine Seller. You will be able to take your wine glass home as a keepsake, as well.

Three times available:

Sunday, April 14, 12-2 pm
Sunday, April 14, 2:30-4:30 pm
Thursday, April 18, 6:30-8:30 pm

Cost is $45 per person. There will be wine since it is a winery, so it’s up to each parent as to whether it is “kid-friendly”, but certainly there may be a kid there and prices are not discounted for kids. Unfortunately the ostrich egg farmer didn’t sell us discounted eggs for your awesome artist kid.

PLEASE brainstorm before you come. Look up your favorite designs on Pinterest or think about a milestone of that year. Bring some of your own decorations, if you’d like. Classes will be lead by our favorite art instructor, Angela Patrick.

Must be 21 to consume alcohol. Please bring your government issued ID to prove your age.

Tickets are now on sale on eventbrite. Invite your friends on our facebook event.

group of women and the ostrich eggs they decorated
get your tickets before they sell out!

Art Reception for Patty Thomas

“After all the negative that has become so much a part of our world, I hope you will look at my paintings, and let them remind you of good times and special places of the heart. Perhaps you will recall driving along a dirt road headed for your grandparents home or maybe just a family camp out by the river. Or you may simply remember sitting on the porch, watching a sunset, or even a rainstorm approaching as evening begins. Hopefully, at the end of a long day, a look at your painting reminds you once more of God’s creation and the sheer wonder of it all. And you are made glad”.–Patty Thomas

Art opening reception will be Saturday, April 6, 2-6 pm

Ms. Thomas’s work will be on display until 5/5/2019. Contact Ms. Thomas at

Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest 2019

11th Annual Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest is March 30-31, 2019

The planning for the 11th annual Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest has begun! Mark your calendar, RSVP on our facebook event, and invite your favorite vendors.

9th Annual Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest

9th Annual Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest

WHERE: Salado Winery Co. & Salado Wine Seller, 841 N. Main Street, Salado, TX 76571

WHEN:   12-5 p.m. Saturday, March 25 and 12-4 p.m. Sunday, March 26

CONTACT: (254) 947-8011 or [email protected]

SALADO, TX – Enjoy wine, food, art, and the outdoors during the weekend of Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26, 2017. You’ll find the charming Village of Salado filled with folks sipping wine, browsing art and nibbling on food at the 9th annual Texas Wine and Rogue Art Fest, the best wine festival between Austin and Grapevine.

The folks at Salado Winery Co. dreamed up the festival ten years ago as a way to showcase not only Texas wines but also local, unique artists. June Ritterbusch, owner and winemaker, explains, “We are always searching for unusual artists and this year we have found some. These Texas wineries are rogue entrepreneurs as well, and I think all the wine and art folks are going to create a great experience.”

The 2017 festival will include wineries and vineyards pouring nearly 100 different Texas wines.  The festival will feature wineries from all across the state, including Florence, Waco, Fredericksburg, Marble Falls, Hye, Pittsburgh and Lubbock.  Wines vary from dry Mouvèdre Rosés and Texas favorites such as Tempranillo and Malbec to sweet peach wine and muscato. Some of your current picks like Fiesta and Chisholm Trail will be there and you may even find a fresh favorite in newcomers like Silver Dollar Winery or Kissing Tree Vineyard!

Artists from across the state will set up shop at the festival selling handmade items. You can find anything from hand carved wooden pens to gemstone wine stoppers to welded horseshoe art. Some artists and vendors have been attending the festival for nine years, while new ones continue to sign up each year. Every year’s festival has its own unique set of gifts and art.

If you’re hungry, the festival will feature several food trucks, including delicious wood-fired pizza by local favorite Fire Street Pizza, whimsically named pork sandwiches by at Hog Heaven, tacos by Salado native El Paisa #2, and snow cones (including wine-flavored ones for adults) by Southern Belle Ice House. Plenty of Texas food vendors like AustiNuts and Spicewood Food Company bring snacks, treats, and wonderful food that can be enjoyed at the festival or taken home with you.

The full list of artists, food vendors, and wineries will be available at

The festival will be held on the grounds of Salado Winery Co. & Salado Wine Seller at 841 N. Main St., Salado, rain or shine. Families are welcome! There will be plenty of kid-friendly space to run around, including Salado Winery’s cellar door sandbox. Well-behaved pets on leashes are allowed.  Admission is free and $10 buys six wine tasting tickets and souvenir glass, with additional tasting tickets available to purchase.

Art Opening Reception for R. Coleman

r colemanSaturday, June 11, 6-9 pm, free admision

R. Coleman is color blind.  The rules of art are elusive for him.  Colors resist easy categorization.  They deliver what the artist sees at the time of transition to the canvas.

Some colors are adventures, some new sensations, some strangers.  Some paintings have meaning within the presentation, for others the meaning must be found within the viewer.  Every painting is unique and original.

R. Coleman has been creating art in different forms his entire life.  He works from his home studio in Central Texas.  His paintings are in homes and private collections across the United States.

Come meet the artist, hear his stories and enjoy.  Art opening reception 6-9 pm, Saturday June 18.


#DocumentSalado Art Opening Reception by Jessica Flynn


Artist Reception, Saturday March 6, 7-9 pm

Dear Salado [And by “Salado”, I mean the wildly odd and wonderful people I’ve come to know and love here],
I love that Thoreau says “it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” How I see is the greatest strength I bring to the work that I do. This also means it’s the biggest strength I can offer to our community. The 365 images that make up #documentsalado are a glimpse of how I see you, Salado. From the light to the art to the construction mess to the everyday views of local characters, this is what caught  my eye as I did real life in our little Village over the past year.
Each image was shot from an iPhone [No big cameras! That was my one rule. That and actually start and finish 365 images] then tagged and posted on social media so others could contribute as well. You can view the original project by following @jessijflynn on instagram or by searching the #documentsalado hashtag. 
Completing this project has inspired a few other pieces as well. I hope you’ll come see and consider them. When you do, since this is a community centric project, I’d love for you to continue to be a part of it. Here’s how:
Bring me something broken – humorous, significant, ironic, whateverrrrrr, just bring it. I’m going to collect it over the course of the show at Salado Wine Seller, break it some more and make another art piece out of our collective brokenness at the 2016 Edgy Art Show this coming spring. Especially at this point in our community’s story, it could do us all good to see something beautiful come from broken, chaotic, worn out, seemly random sh*t. Couldn’t hurt to try, right? Let’s just see what happens….
Many Thanks, Good People. Much Love. Hell Yeah.
*jessica flynn | artist